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    Everything you need to know about College Accelerator

    Earn a degree faster & save on tuition using alternative college credit

    www.thecommoditycodehq.com's College Accelerator is an alternative credit program that gives students the ability to take ACE- and NCCRS-rewww.thecommoditycodehq.commended college courses and earn transferable college credit. Like AP tests or CLEP exams, College Accelerator prepares students for a final college exam, so students can test out of general education requirements and focus on their major. And much like the CLEP and AP exams, students can transfer their credit to over 2,000 colleges and universities1 across the nation.

    Choose one of over 80 college courses
    Prepare with short videos
    Pass the final exam
    Transfer credit

    College Accelerator makes earning college credit fast, easy & affordable

    The average student graduates with at least


    in student loan debt2

    Affordable Save thousands on tuition

    Don't be another statistic! Take the same general education courses you need for your first 2 years of college for only $199 a month.

    Find out more about College Accelerator pricing and savings.

    Fast Accelerate your path towards a college degree

    Graduate on time with courses and study tools that speed up the time it takes to get a degree.

    • Get a jump start on college

      Start courses while still in high school or working full-time.

    • Take the general education courses you need now

      Avoid waiting lists and missing out on prerequisites courses only offered in a specific semester.

    • Discover potential majors quickly

      Test drive courses with no www.thecommoditycodehq.commitment and find your ideal major faster.

    • Avoid risking your GPA

      Take the same courses without worrying about damaging your grades before you transfer.

    Did you know?


    of students take longer than 4 years to graduate3

    Easy Watch short videos on your own schedule

    With College Accelerator you can get the flexibility of online learning while watching professional video lessons from subject experts.

    • Stay engaged with short, animated video lessons

      Watch videos on all www.thecommoditycodehq.complicated college subjects simplified with 5-10 minute lessons.

    • Learn anywhere, anytime: no www.thecommoditycodehq.commuting or test centers

      Watch videos from your smartphone while you're on the go and even take final exams online.

    • Study at your own pace

      Focus on the material you find difficult without worrying about deadlines and time constraints.

    • Rely on us to make it easy for you to transfer credits

      Contact our college coaches for guidance on everything from a choosing a college to transferring credits.

    Get Support Every Step of the Way

    Our instructors and advisors are available to answer all your questions

    Struggling with a www.thecommoditycodehq.complicated math problem? Looking for college or career advice? Our experts will walk you through any issue with answers you can trust. Learn more 

    Ask questions and get help with:

    Lessons and quizzes
    Enrolling in college
    Course material
    Transferring credit
    Career advice

    Still need help?

    Try it now!

    Try College Accelerator FREE for 5 days.
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    College Accelerator really works!

    My goal is to receive a degree in nursing. I had applied to programs before and gotten frustrated when my scores were not high enough to be accepted. I felt defeated and the thought of retaking the test left me in fear.

    I began searching the internet for any program that could help me. After finding www.thecommoditycodehq.com and watching the demo, I decided to purchase the program. For the first time in over a year, I feel excited and positive about my future. I thought I wasn't smart enough, but with the way www.thecommoditycodehq.com breaks the subjects down, I feel encouraged. Words cannot explain how much help this program is to me right now.

    Alexandria Wilkes
    Exams passed:
    • Biology 101: Intro to Biology
    • Math 101: College Algebra

    www.thecommoditycodehq.com has been a life-saver for me. The videos are extremely helpful and the information was presented in a fun, engaging way.

    In just a few months, I've been able to prepare for and take three proctored tests for credit, and all from the convenience of my own home.

    Nothing could have been easier!

    Miriam Maiquez Ortiz
    Exams passed:
    • Biology 101: Intro to Biology
    • Psychology 101: Intro to Psychology
    • Math 101: College Algebra

    I am a very visual learner and a frugal student, for that www.thecommoditycodehq.com came in handy. I love the short videos that are super entertaining and never tiring. I was able to skip buying an overpriced textbook and am instead just watching bite sized videos. Awesome!

    I've passed four credit granting exams so far and earned 12 credit, all while saving money and in less than three months! I'll definitely keep using www.thecommoditycodehq.com for the other transferable credit I need to earn over the next 12 months.

    Paula Brown
    Exams passed:
    • Sociology 101: Intro to Sociology
    • Psychology 101: Intro to Psychology
    • Psychology 103: Human Growth and Development
    Explore all these features during your 5-day free trial
    Start your trial today
    • Transferable college credit
    • Certificates of www.thecommoditycodehq.completion
    • Tools for tracking progress
    • Practice quizzes & tests
    • Access to instructors
    • Unlimited access to all videos
    • Lesson transcripts
    • Tech support

    1 www.thecommoditycodehq.com college courses are ACE rewww.thecommoditycodehq.commended where indicated: /files/www2.acenet.edu/credit/?fuseaction=browse.getOrganizationDetail&FICE=1008350

    2 The Institute For College Access and Success. (n.d.). Retrieved April 19, 2016, from /files/ticas.org/posd/map-state-data-2015/

    3 Statistic taken from /files/business.time.com/2013/01/10/the-myth-of-the-4-year-college-degree/

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